Satya Home Boutique on Bleecker Closing with a Sale

What's happening on Bleecker? Satya Home is holding an impromptu blowout sale on the sudden announcement it will close its 330 Bleecker Street location, following closely on the heels of neighbor Verve shuttering its store down the block.

Amid rosier news of store openings galore, sadly, some are still bowing out of the NYC retail scene, with Satya Home being the latest.  From today through April 13, there will be a clearance sale on all home items.  The exotic little shop stocks a hodgepodge of artful accents like antique textiles and artisan furniture from India, Thailand and elsewhere, and all of it will go for 60 percent off in its final days, both in-store and online.

On the bright side, Satya also has an adjacent jewelry store at 332 Bleecker, which will remain open.

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