Royal Wedding Rumors: Mother of the Bride Ditches Dressmaker, Milliner

middleton mother

According to London's Daily Mail, Mother-of-the-Royal-Bride, Carole Middleton, has had a head-to-toe change of heart over her outfit, just days before the wedding.

Last week, the paper reported that Mrs. Middleton had rejected the dress commissioned for couturier Lindka Cierach. Now, milliner Jess Collett, who created a topper to match the intended outfit, is quoted as saying:

"She is not wearing the hat. It’s gutting. Carole hasn’t contacted me directly. I work closely with Lindka and I was only told through her what was happening.It normally takes several weeks to make a hat. But Carole never picked up the hat. It’s a shame, because it is beautiful."

Instead, claims the Daily Mail, Mrs. Middleton will wear a design by Vivien Sheriff, who said, "We have done something for Carole, too, but I won’t know until the day if she will choose to wear it." According to the report, Sheriff has designs ready for Kate Middleton's sister and maid of honor, Pippa Middleton, and Prince Harry's rumored plus-one, Chelsea Davy.

The fever pitch of rumors seems to revolve around what anyone remotely involved is willing to tell the British press, at this point. That said, we must remind ourselves, once again—what everyone wears to the epic wedding, and whatever has actually happened in the wake of preparations is anybody's guess.

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