Rent Maternity Wear (Genius!)

rent maternity wear

Given that one's pregnant belly is itself, in essence, a rented space, the new site allowing expectant moms the ability to rent maternity wear seems like the perfect solution for having stylish clothes just when you need them.

Much like the recently launched Rent the Runway, Rent Maternity Wear offers various rental options for a fraction of the price it would cost to buy, and in the case of maternity wear (with at most a few months' shelf life), it's an ideal situation for one's constantly changing figure.  The process operates much the same way that RTR does: Pick a dress and rent for a designated period of time with different try-on options to maximize a fit and then drop the dress back in the mail, unwashed, in a pre-paid package. 

While RTR offers a much wider selection of designers and styles, RMW has started with a decent range that includes Christian Siriano's Fierce Mamas maternity line.  RTR allows shoppers to order two sizes at a time, while RMW offers three try-ons for free, after which time, there's a $5 charge.

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