Ray-Ban Relaunching Aviators with New Styles, Iggy Pop

In June, Ray-Ban will revamp its signature Aviator style with six new looks ranging from fuschia to solid gold frames, kicking off wth an Iggy Pop show in Williamsburg.

The new Aviators include Ray-Ban Craft; Tech, which sports a new carbon fiber lens; titanium-framed Titanium; Metal Glide and Spirit styles with frames in blue, red, yellow and fuschia; and limited-edition Ultra Gold constructed from, you got it, real gold mixed with titanium.  The Ultra Gold tops off the line at a cool $495, while classic Aviators will start at $139. 

Guess this means Wayfarer knockoffs along Saint Marks Place will have to make room for the subsequent Aviator styles, as Wayfarers got a similar revamp in 2006, turning the style into a hipster staple in subsequent years.  Now Aviators are the style Ray-Ban says is the new cool, and in addition to playing at the Music Hall of Williamsburg to fete the styles, musicians Iggy Pop, the Virgins, Free Energy, the Plasticines, We are Scientists, the Big Pink and New York Dolls are decorating the very lenses of the new Aviators for a capsule collection that will be displayed during the concerts but not sold, because, well, one wouldn't be able to see.

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