Purse Purge: Yeohlee Carries Emergency Necessities and Sketching Tools

Jerritt Clark

Yeohlee Teng is nothing if not practical. Though rather futuristic at first glance, her designs -- which almost resemble wearable artworks more than ready-to-wear -- are considered first for their functionality, with as few materials as possible wasted in the process of creating a single garment, each fabric used to its maximum potential.

The contents of her handbag are similarly fuss-free, but no less intriguing: emergency essentials like flashlights and whistles rattle against sketching equipment and Mark W. Moffett's "Adventures Among Ants." Unlike most of the purses we've peeped, the only beauty essential Yeohlee keeps on hand is a classic in its own right: plain ol' Chapstick.

1. Flashlight: "Be prepared."
2. Magnifying Glass: "Never know when you need to start a fire."
3.  Whistle: "When all else fails to hail!"
4.  Pencil Sharpener: "Keeps one on point."
5.  CD, "Sound Structures for Ants": "From my favorite DJ Charlie Lewis."
6.  Yeohlee's indestructible accessory: a long white wrap scarf.
7.  Camera: "Ever ready."
8.  Oral B Dental Floss: "Essential."
9.  Chapstick: "A must."
10. Pencil + Sharpie" "My sketching tools."
11. Book by Mark W. Moffett, "Adventures Among Ants": "Current reading material."
12. Made in NY Sketch Pad: "The perfect notebook and sketchpad."

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