Rumors: H&M’s Next Designer Collaboration Might Be With Bottega Veneta


Two days ago, H&M released an eyebrow-raising video, hinting at what may be an upcoming designer collaboration with Bottega Veneta.

Several elements the the 23-second clip have us perked up—first, that the shadowed mystery man speaking on behalf of the fast-fashion chain appears to be the uber-luxury house's creative director Tomas Maier. Sure, high-low collaborations are a dime a dozen these days, but Bottega Veneta has traditionally transcended even the most exclusive brands (their status-symbol trademark exists only in the form of beautifully woven leather that makes letters like LV seem downright pedestrian). For that kind of designer to go mass-market marks an arguably significant turning point in the field luxury fashion.

Besides the speculation of who actually is in the video, the concept itself plays on our penchant for hype, especially with regards to high-end labels coming putting forth equally convetable goods at more accessible price points. The teaser ends in flash, having offered little else but the well-dressed, cappuccino-sipping gentleman's opinion that "smart women are beautiful," and a date: September 9 at H&M.

Game over. We're intrigued.

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