Phillip Lim on Asians in Fashion: “Asian Culture is Very Aesthetically-Driven”

Phillip Lim is one of the most successful independent designers working in fashion -- his label this year will reportedly earn 60 million dollars -- and his eponymous business is only five years old. In a recent interview with CNN's Talk Asia, the designer even insists: "We're just toddlers."

In speaking with Talk Asian, Lim speaks candidly about his relationship with his mother, who was a seamstress, as well as his theories on the increasing presence of Asian designers like Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, and Richard Chai within the global fashion industry. According to Lim

"I think the Asian work ethic definitely plays a part in that drive, but Asian society and Asian culture is very aesthetically driven. We've always been in fashion, just behind the scenes."

In terms of the strategy behind his astounding success in the retail space, Lim is insistent that the basis of his brand is on making clothes that are "beautiful but accessible." He also makes plain that he has no intentions of ever adding seriously high-end wares to his collections. "Just because it costs a lot doesn't mean it looks good," Lim tells Talk Asia. He later added: "You can make a T-shirt super stylish."

Phillip Lim CNN Talk Asia from 3.1PhillipLim on Vimeo.

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