One to Watch: SGC NYC's Punky Tees and Tanks

Jason Alfano of hip NYC label, SGC NYC, claims he wasn't born with an ingrained passion for fashion. "Growing up, I always appreciated fashion but I never thought this was the direction I would go in," he says. "My grandmother was a seamstress and that was the closest to fashion that I ever got."

Of course, he's come a long way "closer" since then: His cool collection of hip jersey basics is rapidly becoming our favorite source for perfectly-proportioned t-shirts and tanks.

The wide appeal of the garments is reflected in Alfano's choice of brand name. "SGC stands for Social Gathering Clothing," he explains. "The name comes from a bootleg radio broadcast from 1982 called “A Social Gathering for the Celebration of the Anniversary of Someone’s Birth,” featuring The Birthday Party ... the way the world works now, so many people have insight into what’s going on in your company’s daily life. They can keep up with your every move, to the point that it becomes a community that you learn and grow with -- this amazing Social Gathering."

Even though the collection focuses on crowd-pleasing knits, Alfano continues finding room for invention and innovation each season.

"Our theme for fall was based on the movie '80 Blocks from Tiffany’s.' It was a documentary that focused on these gangs in South Bronx, so it was that raw, late '70s style. As such, we incorporated a lot of leather patches and sheer fabric. We just took that idea and softened it."

Asked how he wants his customers to feel clad in an SGC tee, Alfano claims he wants them to be "natural and confident. Our clothes are not overly ornate but we still want the girl wearing them to feel like they have something special on." Rest assured, folks: These tanks are something special indeed.

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