Not Again, Ann Taylor: More Photoshop Gaffes

ann taylor photoshop jezebel

Ann Taylor's heavy-handed Photoshop habits have returned, with skinny morphed models reemerging despite a previous apology and supposed correction.

After already calling out the retailer for its waist-thinning practices once before, Jezebel again exposed the inexplicably doctored images of models the Ann Taylor website. Since the influential site posted the side-by-side of a naturally (very) thin model and her bizarrely stretched-out counterpart, Ann Taylor has removed the images from the site--we got an error message when we clicked through. Questionable images remain, including abnormally narrow torsos and hips, as well as this particularly gaunt clavicle close-up.

It's baffling that any retailer would let this mistake happen not just once, but multiple times—and especially one like Ann Taylor, with its broad demographic. Too bad faux pas can't be erased so easily.

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