Net-a-Porter Celebrates One Million Orders with $40K Giveaway

Forget flashing lights and sirens at the register, Net-a-Porter will celebrate its one millionth order with a much handsomer reward: a $40,000 shopping spree to the lucky winner who registers between tomorrow through February 11. 

The folks over at Net-a-Porter are certainly feeling generous upon receiving one million shoppers -- and frankly we haven't even absorbed the full magnitude of what that booty would mean at one of our top shopping sites.  Those tricky executives know full well what suckers we are for their top-market designers and on-trend selections, and cheekily provided an outline of what, exactly, that level of spree could afford us. 

Let's just say, our eyes are glazed over, cartoon-style, thinking about 60 pairs of Louboutins or just about the entire spring line of Balmain. 

No need to buy anything to get in on the action, simply hop on to the site here beginning January 21 (it won't be live 'til then) and register.  Registration will remain open until February 11, at which point one (oh-so-so-so) lucky winner will get that sweet check for shopping on the site.  

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