Naeem Khan: 70's Saint Tropez

Naeem Khan is known for lavishing "more, more, more" on his ultra-embellished gowns and elaborate cocktail dresses, and Spring 2011 was no exception. 

A feast of bright 70's colors and over-the-top prints, Khan's collection seemed to be riding the same groovy wave that we've been sensing all over the runways this season. Of course, Khan's interpretation included a lot of thigh-high slit skirts, beading, and plenty of sequins.

There was something delightfully evocative of vintage Roberto Cavalli in the sexy beach caftans, one-shoulder gowns and super tight strapless dresses, each better suited than the next to a beach vacation on Saint Tropez.

To keep things interesting, a streaky gray print with flecks of orange and pink felt like an edgy improvement to a familliar organza gown, and the series of dresses with shadowy black embroidery against yellow silk had an exotic, Asian mood. The glittering beaded shoes and massive plated neckalces designed by Khan's wife, Ranjana, refin the head-to-toe glam, along with some especially tall boufant blow-outs that seemed to add another foot of height to the amazonian models.

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