Minx to Mingle with Celebrity Manicurists

minx nails

Having brought nail art to the status of high-fashion art, Minx is launching a new initiative with a host of big-name nail artists to the stars. Beginning next week, and continuing into the spring, the California company will unveil four collaborations with celebrity manicurists Lisa Logan, Marian Newman, Kimmie Kayees, and Naja Rickett.

Minx co-owner and founder, Dana Lynch-Goodwin, described the motivation behind the series to WWD: “It is allowing the artist in them to come out. We wanted to showcase them and give them an opportunity to take their designs to other manicurists.”

First up are the "playful" geometric-based designs by Logan, the go-to for Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, and Queen Latifah, and then, this week, Newman's "chrome, nude, graduated color, and various shape illusions." (Newman has served as the main manicurist for couture runways from Givenchy to Vivienne Westwood and many more.)

Logan summed up the power Minx has had in the now-uber-trendy world of spectacular, edgy, manicures, crediting the brand for spicing it up: “Now, I feel that nails are starting to climb that fashion ladder and get up there with makeup and hair.”

It's a bright idea to give the masses the chance to look like, say Lady Gaga (Rickett did her nails for the Love Game and Paparazzi videos and will have a Minx collection out this spring), right at their fingertips.

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