Heather Goldberg Proves You Can Make Lint Look Gorgeous

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Robert Barsuglia

At first glance, Heather Goldberg's eco-friendly jewelry line, "Shadowplay," looks like something scraped out of a lint trap. Closer inspection, however, reveals rich details and luxe materials, the tangles of mohair dotted with Swarovski crystals and black-silver closures (sourced from the Karen Village Tribe in northern Thailand). Could it be that lint is fashion's best untapped resource?

Goldberg cites appropriately mystical, natural elements as her inspiration, including oceanic aragonite structures, planetary space, crystal formations and spiderwebs. Like a living organism, each piece is designed to change and grow over time, developing into something totally different from the original necklace.

We think the lightness and whimsy of Shadowplay jewelry is perfect for warm-weather fashion, and would add a dose of personality to a simple spring ensemble.  Plus, you get to explain to everyone how the closures on your necklace are from a remote tribe in Thailand.

Visit the Shawdowplay website to see the complete collection, or submit your order request at orders@shadowplaycollection.com.

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