Lady Gaga's New Perfume Features Sample of Her Own Blood

As soon as Lady Gaga announced that she was planning to release a fragrance, insiders started speculating what the fragrance notes would contain. Rumors spread that she was planning to use all manner of relatively unsavory bodily fluids as inspiration, and it seems that most of the most scandalous rumors are turning out to have seeds of truth in them.

The pop star recently went on a radio show in Australia, Fashionista reports, where the hosts asked her about the new perfume and what it might contain. To their surprise, Gaga said that the perfume "smells like an expensive hooker," and actually contains samples of her own blood and other bodily fluids:

I wanted to extract sort of the feeling and the sense of blood and semen from molecular strucutes ... That is in the perfume, but doesn't smell like it. You just sort of get the after-feeling of sex from the semen, and then the blood is sort of primal, and it was taken out of my own blood sample, so it's like a sense of having me on your skin.

As horrifying as that all sounds to some folks, we'd wager there are more than enough Gaga fans who'll likely make the creators of the fragrance quite a chunk of change.

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