Know Right Now: Nature-Inspired Boutonnieres by Eun Yeong Jeong

Telemundo Local-NBC News

Artist Eun Yeong Jeong's jewelry looks more like something sprouted under a tree than crafted by hand.  Incorporating unusual materials like burned wood, loofah sponges, scraps of paper, and white titanium, boutonnieres have never been so inspiring.

Born and raised in South Korea, Jeong left home after finishing her degree in metal craft to travel the world, taking classes in jewelry everywhere from Italy to Illinois.  Her guiding aesthetic is invariably soft and natural, with finished pieces occasionally looking more like ingredients than accessories. Our favorite piece--a pomegranate-shaped brooch--even has seeds and peach fuzz on the skin.  Some pieces include bits of tree bark and moss, giving new meaning to the phrase "organic design."

Because Jeong's work lies somewhere between fashion and wearable art, it's tough to get your hands on an original piece as they're not yet carried in stores.  For recent works, peruse her website,, or contact her at 212.377.1037 for ordering information.

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