Karen Elson Transitions from Model to Musician

Mexican Independence Day Helmet
Anthony Yanez

Model Karen Elson's recent show at Le Poisson Rouge has earned glowing reviews, proving that Mrs. Jack White has legitimate musical talent in addition to her modeling prowess.

 Despite having formed a salsa band as a kid in England, participating in an East Village political cabaret as a twenty-something, as well as teaching herself to play the guitar a decade ago, Elson actually has a lot to prove given her prefix of model. She does admit, however, that her main profession really was the inroad to her new musical career. Of course, it's no coincidence that her husband, Jack White, had a hand in her shot at musical success, with their adopted hometown of Nashville serving as inspiration.

Unlike some models who make the jump and claim they'll never look back, Elson admits she plans to continue modeling. Right now, the model can be spotted (with her signature scarlet hair) in the current ads for St. John (she replaced Angelina Jolie).


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