Ivanka Trump Adds Handbags to the Mix

The Ivanka Trump Collection introduced fine jewelry to the family business, and now the prodigal daughter has announced a partnership with Mondani on a bag line.

Trump Tweeted the deal yesterday, excitedly telling her 700,000 followers that the new handbags would drop next spring.  The new line comes as the next extension to her own sartorial empire, on the, ahem, heels of a shoe collabo with Marc Fisher footwear. (Sidebar: Ms. Trump, could you please start selling whatever it is you use on your skin, even if it's simply genes? We'd buy that.)

WWD talked to Trump, who identified a careful approach to expanding the Trump brand with an aspirational progression of price points on accessories, jewelry and ultimately, hotels, condos, and beyond. 

If the next stop is world domination, then handbags seem like an appropriate choice.  We can't wait to see pictures.

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