Gary Graham: Smoke, Romance, and “Rustic Aliens”

The Thread

Gary Graham is one of the few designers yet to truly take advantage of the idea of a presentation, staging his show in a smoky, incense-filled room with models posing theatrically against a grainy black-and-white photograph.

The models were styled with seriously alien-looking slicked-back hair and ultra-strong eyebrows, which we must admit conjured sharp flashbacks of Alexander McQueen's recent shows. There were also some witchy platform shoes -- which Graham told us backstage he'd created, but that making shoes was its own beast (meaning who knows if he'll attempt it again) -- that also had a certain McQueen-ness. All that said, we're sure we'll start seeing his influences everywhere, and this was by every measure Graham being Graham.

Fans of Graham's Romantic, theatrical style won't be disappointed here -- there's elegant draping contrasted with leather jackets a-plenty -- but there are also some new graphic prints worth savoring, as well as one incredible ripped brocade jacket.

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