As the Material World Turns: Dispatches from Lola

[BLACK] lourdes.jpg

We're starting to wonder if Courtney Love and Material Girl-child Lourdes (aka "Lola") are in cahoots—or at the very least, tore a page from the same self-marketing textbook. One is blogging about her clothes to, presumably promote her latest album, while the other is unmistakably blogging about music to promote her new clothing line. 

Neither are doing much to elevate the form, but it certainly makes for good momentary fodder. Yesterday we speculated on Love's hopelessly bizarre What Courtney Wore Today, so this afternoon we'll turn our attention to Madonna's co-designing daughter, whose latest post on the Material Girl Collection website, includes shout-outs to favorite music acts like Muse ("They are BLINGING INNIT MATE"), Florence and the Machine, and even the Dirty Dancing soundtrack (from back when she was minus-nine years old).

Other highlights include a mention that Material Girl collection will also feature "a whole area of like one of a kind vintage things!" and a foray into street-style photography, when she visits the Bricklane area of East London to seek out more vintage wares.

We're curious to know if the sections devoted to one-of-a-kind vintage pieces will actually happen, though one hopes the news will come in the form of a more official press release.

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