Fashion's Elite Weigh In on Marc Jacobs' Legacy

On the red carpet at the CFDA Awards, designers and icons alike recounted their favorite collections by Jacobs, as well as -- in some cases -- their first jobs with the designer.

Chris Benz and Richard Chai discussed their first real fashion jobs under Jacobs, while one of fashion's elder statesmen, designer Stan Herman -- who walked the red carpet with Fern Mallis -- insisted he'd known Jacobs was a talent from the moment the 16-year-old set foot in his studio.

In his acceptance speech, however, Jacobs made it clear that the award was in no way an indication that he'd be slowing down: "While it is wonderful to be recognized ... I believe we all know and feel that the greatest reward is the process itself: The doing, the giving, the growing, and the sharing it all with others."

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