CFDA Already Laying Down Rules for Spring 2011 Shows

Marc Jacobs Runway

There's a lot for the CFDA to be anxious about regarding the upcoming Spring 2011 collections: For one, it's the shows' first year at Lincoln Center. For another, it's falling on a Jewish holiday -- Rosh Hashanah.

The shows may not kick off until September, but there's no time like the present to start sending out memos. And so, Steven Kolb (the executive director of the CFDA), sent out a notice that designer should -- first and foremost -- stick to the day and time that they've had for their shows in seasons past. "It is not possible to move from your given slot unless you have permission from the CFDA," Kolb stressed. (Oh snap!)

What's more, while the Fashion Week organizers feel just rotten about the fact that the shows this season fall over a major Jewish holiday, there's just nothing they can do. "We started on Thursday to accommodate London," Kolb said. "We can’t go back any further and we can’t go earlier. There is nothing we can do, other than to let people know [the holiday is] then, and to work around it by being utmost respectful to anybody that can’t show on that day."

Lastly, apparently designers are under pressure to keep their off-site shows on the west side of Manhattan, and above Houston street, to keep editors from trekking all over town and causing other shows to run late. While we certainly appreciate the effort to corral off-site locations, all this wrangling and hand-wringing is already making us feel dizzy. And it's only March.

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