Ebay Launches Fashion App (We're Already Hooked)

Ebay continues its aggressive path towards e-tail domination with its new Ebay Fashion app for the iPhone. The company also recently unveiled a fashion app for the iPad, and will soon release one for the BlackBerry.

We innocently downloaded the app for a test drive, and within ten minutes, had a full closet and a handful of auctions on our watch list. This is how it works:

The mobile tool allows the user to set up a specific search parameter for their fashion requirements, which they can then scroll through (in the form of clear, nearly full-screen images) and either tap for information, put in their closet or email to a friend. The information screen lists the deets and a big blue button to easily—almost too easily—place a bid. Plus, the only items that pop up on the mobile version of the site are those being sold for less than full-price.

Besides the quick-and-simple mobile auctioning capabilities, the closet feature lets you accumulate your favorite goodies to create outfits and even "try on" with the help of your phone's camera.

The new app is the latest initiative set forth by Ebay, which in recent months has collaborated with designers Narciso Rodriguez and Norma Kamali on exclusive collections, supplemented the site with editorial content, in addition to hosting flash sales via the Fashion Vault (also available via the Ebay Fashion app).

It's one insanely-addictive download. Consider yourself warned.

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