Coach Opens First Men's Store on Bleecker

Coach is giving one to the guys this spring, opening the brand's first men's-only shop on Bleecker Street on Friday.

The focus on the minority men's business within Coach kicks off with the 550-square-foot store at 530 Bleecker, stocked with leather goods, bags and accessories, as well as shoes and swimwear.  Thirty percent of the store's merchandise will be exclusive to the new location, and the shop will be monitored as a model for additional masculine outposts across the country (and in China and Japan). 

The space is defined by a central table displaying small leather goods in the store's signature mahogany motif -- a reversal of the feminine flagship's dominant white landscape.  Coach VP of North American Sales, Mike Tucci, told WWD that the new boutique marks the end of men being treated as "second-class citizens" in their shopping experience and plans to expand elements of the concept to the men's departments of existing flagship stores.

Coach Men's joins the neighborhood's already booming boys club, with Ralph Lauren, Black Fleece, Tommy Hilfiger and fellow newbies Gant Rugger and Freemans all within a stone's throw. 

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