The Shutter: Entire Burritoville Chain Doneski

We received a tip earlier in the week that another Burritoville, the one on 7th Ave South and Bleecker, had shuttered in addition to the 2nd Ave location that went under last month. The news didn't sound promising, but we had no idea it was this bad. Gothamist learned that company's website now redirects to Google, and no one at any of the remaining nine NYC branches would answer the phone:

"A call to BSI Corp., which seems to be the corporate owner, did get answered, however. When asked if we had reached BurritoVille, the man told us, 'Not anymore.' He said they closed last week and would not provide any further information. Wikipedia backs him up. Dios Mio, man!"

If one mediocre small burrito chain can go under, what does it mean for San Loco or small timers like Williamsburg's Burrito Loco and EVill's Benny's? Chipotle and Qdoba: we're sure you'll make out fine during this possible burrito crisis.
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