The Bitter End Goes Metal

At last night's CMJ showcase show at the Bitter End the sound guy got quite a workout.

One had to wonder what the club was thinking booking hard rock act Eve to Adam in it's intimate space. One also might wonder the band was thinking when it named itself. Eve to Adam sounds like the name of a discount sex change clinic. Their sound is like a less sexy H.I.M. crossed with a less political System of a Down and Linkin Park with out the rap. It is those things, but it is mainly one thing: loud.

After Pet Syster's solid set of reggae, rock and R&B tinged pop craft had worked the crowd into a good groove, Eve to Adam's gear started getting hauled on stage. And hauled. And hauled. "Did you see the size of that amp?" is not a common exclamation at the Bitter End. The guitarist for Eve to Adam wheeled a rack holding five extra axes onto the stage, while Pet Syster's drummer cleared off his kit: one snare, a bass, symbol and high-hat.

As the Astoria-based glam rockers amped up, glancing furtively around the room as if they had just inhaled the entire monthly output of a Colombian farmer, lead singer Taki Sassarius warned the crowd that it was about to get loud (though he dropped some arena-rock ready expletives in there for good measure). Because the audience, who had just witnessed Spinal Tap's speaker stack being dragged through the tiny club was confused, and thought they were about to be serenaded with an acoustic rendition of "Ripple."

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