The $33M Meier Triplex: It's Hugh Jackman, and a Bargain!

When tech geek Bill Joy's 11,000-square-foot triplex in the Richard Meier-designed 176 Perry Street suddenly got branded "in contract" late last week, there was immediate speculation as to the identity of the buyer. Some thought Alex Rodriguez, but Mr. Frosty Tips is reportedly eying a place at 15 CPW. In this week's Observer, Max Abelson ruins the surprise: It's Wolverine. Or rather, it's Hugh Jackman, the actor that plays Wolverine, but whatever, that's not even the big news here. The startling piece of intel is that Jackman, who rented in the Meier towers for $35k/month, got the apartment—once listed at $40 million—for "somewhere above $25 million," and he may walk away from the deal altogether. Two sources told Abelson the deal is on shaky ground due to the worldwide economic strain, as if a little market turmoil can slow down a guy with an adamantium skeleton! If the credit crunch is his real weakness, yikes, don't tell Magneto.
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