The Strokes Confirm Release Date of Fourth Album


We don’t want you to get testy, but here is a bit of instruction from Nonstop Sound. Reach into your desk and grab that red pen that is sitting around for times like this. Go to your calendar and mark March 22 as a day to remember – circle it, put hearts around it or draw some arrows pointing in its direction. It’s a date to remember.

Have you sufficiently marked the date? Ok then, we can move on. Why March 22 you may be asking yourself? Isn’t it just another Tuesday seven days after the last Tuesday and seven days before the next Tuesday? No, this isn’t some run-of-the-mill Tuesday, because March 22 is the scheduled release date for The Strokes fourth full-length album courtesy of RCA Records. The yet to be titled record is said to contain 10 new songs and was recorded just north of the city in the Catskills

As reported on TwentyFourBit and later Pitchfork Media, bassist Nikolai Fraiture confirmed the rumor via his own Facebook page. Nikolai went on to write that he is, “Looking forward to playing the new playing the new songs live.” At this point we don’t know when they will grace New York with their first show in years; in my opinion that Tommy Hilfiger party during last year’s Fashion Week doesn’t count. Let’s hope the new output re-energizes The Strokes and inspires them to hit the road. I know one New Yorker who will be waiting with baited breath.

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