The Slumdog Total Body Workout

Bollywood-style dance classes let you shake it like an Oscar-winning "Millionaire," burn 500 calories

Now that Slumdog Millionaire's Oscar blowout means Indian = cool for all things everywhere, Crunch Gym is having to turn folks away from its suddenly-popular Masala Bhangra Workout class. ('Bhangra' refers to a traditional dance, and 'masala' -- as fans of 6th Street's Restaurant Row may know -- means spicy.)

According to this Daily News piece, class attendance has doubled since Slumdog started gaining buzz. There's all kinds of clapping and twirling involved, all to an intense Bollywood soundtrack, and supposedly the 45-minute workout burns 500 calories. (You'd need roughly four hours of treadmill for that kind of caloric burnoff, and you wouldn't feel all Freida Pinto-hot doing it, either)

For more details on the class -- and video! -- head over here.

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