The Day Filet-O-Fish Drove a Man Insane

Good evening. Today on Feast, reservation details surrounding this summer's blockbuster food event, Omnivore, began to unfold. Newly anointed 40 under 40 businessman Michael White shared his restaurant picks. We compiled the best bargains for dining out on Easter. Oh, and a man crawled through a McDonald's drive-through window in New Jersey at 4 a.m. and slapped an employee who was taking too long with his Filet-of-Fish. After grabbing the sandwich, he returned to his car. Please don't drink and drive-through.

Elsewhere in the bizzare world of internet food news. The New York Times gave Jets tight end Dustin Keller a regular food column, Harrry Potter World debuted real Butterbeer that tastes like cookies and butterscotch. Time to enjoy some real beer.

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