Thanks, Sarah Palin, for Making Today So Much Fun

The Palins of Park Slope, via the Brooklyn Paper

Dear Sarah Palin: We're very grateful
. No, seriously, we mean it. You've given writers from Slate and Newsweek and New York Magazine the chance to consider how they would spend $150,000 at Saks and Neiman's, and inspired the Frisky to pull together some very classic VP looks for under $117. And that's just the beginning.

You've given the good women of Park Slope a wild night out at the Medusa Hair Salon last Saturday, where they raised $1600 for the Obama campaign and got their hair done just like yours. You've sparked a new hairstyle among devoutly Orthodox Jewish women, who have turned a wig based on your be-banged updo into a best-seller. (The Posh spice wig, on the other hand, isn't selling so well, meaning you've single-handedly bested one of the world's most famous current haircuts.) You've given brown-haired girls with glasses an instant Halloween costume and gotten Tina Fey a book deal, and you may have single-handedly revived a flagging Saks Fifth Avenue.

So thank you, Sarah Palin. If you hadn't come along, we would have spend the whole day thinking about Stylista.
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