Soho Gem: Eryn Brinie

As much as they hate to be thought of as a "best-kept secret" (they're on one of the most trafficked stretches of Broadway, after all), the fact remains this stylish shop has managed to avoid the typical Soho onslaught and attract a loyal following of fashion insiders, and celebrities.

"We have quite a cult following," laughs Tara Mulhare, the retail director at Eryn Brinie. "We hear all the time that we're the only store some people will come to on Broadway."

The attraction of course is the vaguely European, highly on-trend, and incredibly feminine wares the store houses -- with new shipments coming in every Wednesday and Thursday. Eryn Brinie Collection comes out twice a year for fall and spring, then the main Eryn Brinie line is constantly designing and bringing new pieces to market on a regular basis -- no small part of the attraction of stylish devotees to the brand. That and the price point, which is surprisingly low considering the high-fashion quality of the design.

The list of celebrities the store sees in an average year seems limitless -- Mulhare ticked them off her fingers: Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe (who introduced the line to Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore), Anne Hathaway, the ladies of Gossip Girl ... heck, even Joe Jonas came by with some friends last week.

Right now, the most popular items are the separates, which the fashion set layers a million different ways, especially the cardigans and jackets. (Mulhare reports the store sold out of a particular white blazer in less than a month.) For fall, the store's wares will take on a darker, edgier look with lots more black, zippers, and trim silhouettes. As for the future of the brand? "We have a very aggressive growth plan that I can't share right now," says Mulhare with a wink. Indeed!

Eryn Brinie: 501 Broadway (near Broome Street), Soho

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