SOBE '09: The Guy Fieri Program

In New York, the Food Network's Guy Fieri doesn't make too much of a splash, but elsewhere, such as in South Beach, he's quite the man about town.

Indeed, seen everywhere over the weekend, The Guy Fieri Program was in full effect. His shows are best viewed from behind, from where their signature backwards sunglasses can be fully appreciated. Rolling with a security detail of two, we overheard Plus One say to one of them, "It's so great that you guys are here this weekend. Usually, we have to watch him."

When he wasn't hanging with his boys, he was, say, working the green room at Emeril Lagasse's tribute dinner or taking photos with his lady fans, of whom there were many. His isn't the manner of an elder statesman like Daniel Boulud, whose strike this weekend was surgical, but still. Nice form, Guy.

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