Sneak Peek: Inside the Rachel Comey Sample Sale

A first look at the goods, from printed silk dresses to painted clogs

Tonight we spent about an hour at the Rachel Comey sample sale, and we're happy to report that the sale is extremely well stocked with tons of the designer's Spring 2009 collection -- all of which we could have thrown on and worn right out the door. In fact, we were half tempted to buy a dress that's already become a wardrobe staple in a series of different colors.

The Goods:

The footwear runs the gamut from colorful strappy flats to Comey's trademark wooden-heeled sandals to, yes, even boots. There are also more than a few of the designer's series of painted-heel booties, which weren't as popular as the fringe peep-toes and the clogs. That's right. Clogs. Beware if you're a 7 or 7.5 -- those sizes are almost out. Oh to be a 6 or a 9!

There are a TON of dresses. In every size. The real winners are the Lively Up dress (as seen here in black at Oak, at the sale you'll find it in the most tantalizing red), the cropped woven tanks and tees, and a sweet strawberry-print dress that looked fantastic on absolutely everyone who tried it on. The tops ran, on average, about $100-$125, while the dresses were $170-$205.

If you're a fan of Comey's belts, there was a fantastic bin of $75 options, from chunky brown options to skinner tan versions with different colored threading.

The Scene:

We were there just before the after-work crowd really got humming, and it was a perfectly manageable crowd. Be warned: There's no real appointed dressing area, so be prepared to get half-naked in front of other people and wander across the shopping floor to check yourself out in one of the few full-lenght mirrors in the space. (Maybe they'll have that remedied by Thursday.)

Hitting the Alexander Wang sale tomorrow so stay tuned!

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