Six Ways to Go Green on Earth Day

There are plenty of ways to reduce your footprint in hyper-consumptive NYC - here are six places to start.

  1. Admit it, you've been intrigued by those pedicabs but always wind up hailing a regular taxi instead. Ponycab lets you call a car, as it were -- call and they'll send a ponycab to pick you up and take you to your destination, emissions-free.
  2. Instead of dumping construction materials and old building fixtures into landfills, more and more people are donating them to Build It Green NYC. That means you can find almost anything here: Restaurant chairs and tables, sheetrock, lightbulbs, you name it. All cheap (like-$25-for-a-table cheap), and all recycled.
  3. You've seen everyone toting those reusable bags around. Why don't you have one yet? Head to, where they're shaving 20 percent off for Earth Day. And the e-tailer isn't all about bags: Stock up on a whole slew of planet-friendly products.
  4. Recycle-a-Bicycle isn't just an organization that funds youth programs citywide - they're also an excellent place to score a used bike in great condition (which you will then use for a non-gas-guzzling commute). Head here for a list of their retail locations.
  5. Etsy is a goldmine for recycled finds year-round, but this year -- through April 25th -- the e-market has created a special Earth Day section where you can shop hundreds and hundreds of vintage/handmade/eco-friendly products and gifts. Type "vmteamearth" into Etsy's search, or head to this link.
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