Shopping Showdown: British Invasion On Broadway

Recessionistas and the credit cards that love them lined up for the highly anticipated opening of the TopShop and TopMan stores.

The first American branch of the fashion forward British boutques saw eager shoppers lined up for nearly three blocks and possibly three hours Thursday, ready to peruse the shoes, accesories and clothing popularized by Supermodel Kate Moss that have made the store an icon.

The stores were set to open months ago, and waiting in line for todays opening was made slightly easier for shoppers receiving free tote bags and gift certificates in various amounts.

Neighboring stores on Broadway were ready for this new competiton.

Sales associates from H&M were spotted on the corner near the store handing out ads to remind customers of their sales.

The shopping showdown continued with a sales associate from the Madewell boutique made good use of TopShop's line -- luring potential shoppers with doughnut holes and pitching their "buy a pair of jeans, get a t-shirt free" offer, which to no one's surprise, was only valid today.

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