Dinosaur Feathers and Shark? Kick off “Ancient Predators Tour” in Brooklyn 9/18

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 Tour names are an important part of a given package's success. Uninspired names (Farewell tour, "Alive") is boring. But Brooklyn bands Shark? and Dinosaur Feathers have clearly thought this out: their September and October tour is called the Ancient Predators tour, and it's kicking off tomorrow at Deliquency BLVD. 

We've already had Shark? on Nonstop Sound before, but to recap, it's one of Brooklyn's better bands operating in the "noisy garage-rock with surprisingly sweet, poppy melodies" category. If you can get our favorite song of theirs (called, perhaps unsurprisingly "Shark?") out of your head after hearing it just once, well, you're made of sterner stuff than we are. 
Dinosaur Feathers, on the other hand, is best known for shimmering, dancey power pop and one of the highest-energy shows you'll ever see. Aggressive, melodic bass playing, chiming guitar, and gonzo harmonies blend into an intoxicating mess.
Eula's scummy, fuzzed-out garage rock will be making an appearance as well -- imagine a thudding, caveman-rockin' band fronted by a cooing girl, then add a healthy dose of Gang of Four-esque dissonance, and you'll have something close to an idea. Here's "Maurice Narcisse" off their most recent album.
Caged Animals are the odd group out this evening, but that's not a bad thing. Their swooning, dreamy electro-pop will be a great respite from the evening's more aggressive sounds. Here's "Eat Their Own" from their most recent album.
Deliquency BLVD is located at 1031 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY, 1121. Doors open at 8.
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