Scientific Breakthrough: Caffeine=Breast Reduction

At the NY Post, this kind of news can mean only one thing: A gallery of flat-chested celebs!

If you work at the New York Post, probably there's no piece of random news that can't be used as an excuse to run a cheesecake gallery, but this truly fills us with delight:

"A new study has found that drinking caffeine over an extended period of time makes women's breasts shrink. According to the research, regular drinking of as little as three cups daily a day can have an enough of an impact on estrogen levels to cause noticeable bosom reduction. In light of this study, we came up with 22 small-breasted celebs."

The gallery includes Keira Knightley, Sandra Oh and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who are counted separately, which is just lazy -- they have the same DNA, so if one has wee ones, it just stands to reason. The best part: NYPost is all high-tone with the science lingo and the "in light of this study" verbage, but the URL ( tells a different tale.

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