Thirteen Favorite Mall-Movie Moments

Paul Blart: Mall Cop rolls out this weekend

With Paul Blart: Mall Cop set to roll out onto more than 3,000 screens this weekend, we thought it was high time to take a look back at the mostly dormant mall-movie genre. As everyone who was alive during the Reagan years will attest, the only thing that ran more rampant than Hulkamania was consumerism. Consequently, people of all ages flocked to these suburban meccas in search of everything from wildly overpriced fashions to wildly overpriced cookies. Hollywood took note, and the mall became a central figure in films of the era, housing everything from horny teens to Rastafarian drug lords to serial killers. So won't you come along as Vulture takes a ride on the escalator of nostalgia and explores the best moments the genre had to offer? The first slice of Sbarro is on us.

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