Midnight Madness: Rock the Bells on Mars

The Flaming Lips long, strange trip of a Christmas movie comes to IFC for one night only.

Wayne Coyne can make a movie in his backyard and it will get talked about for seven years. Granted this is not any typical rock star indulgence. The film in question, Christmas on Mars, has taken on near-mythical status in the land of Pitchfork and beyond. Such is the power of the Flaming Lips frontman that he can create something that looks like Ed Wood's head cracked open on a Hallmark Christmas special and it is breathlessly anticipated by legions of fans.

Here's your chance to see the madness on the big screen: It's showing tonight at the IFC Center  for one night only at midnight tonight. As you might expect from a film made by musicians who have a penchant for dressing up in bunny costumes and once made an album on four separate discs that were meant to be played simultaneously, some say it often makes no sense at all,  but the instrumental soundtrack provides a much needed break from The Manheim Steamroller Christmas Celebration.

Why would someone who claims to not believe in Santa Claus or Jesus Christ choose to make their first (and possibly only) film about Christmas? "I think everyone should make movies about Christmas and songs about Christmas! The idea of Christmas to me is this idea that we do it ourselves," says Coyne. "We get the lights out; we put them on trees and we wrap the presents. It's just so wicked, fun, optimistic and so self-generated.” 

Try to keep that in mind when you're watching the army of marching genitalia.

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