Rental Reality: $2,000 in the FiDi, Midtown

Welcome to Rental Reality, Curbed's look at the market we all love to hate. Today's challenge: We took $2,000 to the Financial District and Midtown. Shopper's survey says ...

WHAT: Studio; FiDi
HOW MUCH: $1,900/month (no fee)
KNOWN: "Thoughtfully designed, huge" spaces feature equally huge windows and 13" ceilings; lounge, fitness center, terrace; "stunning" (read: horrific) artist-designed mural in marble lobby.
UNKNOWN: Address unknown. Hardwood, or carpet? Utilities?
REALITY CHECK: Called broker listed. Answer: a slew of garbled gobbledigook, delivered in a high-pitched voice. Hung up on us; upon callback, we were dumped into a full VM inbox.
REALITY INDEX: Very few details on the actual unit; too-good-to-be-true photographs of units that obviously aren't studios. Unprofessional phone skillzzz. Let's go 65% on this one.
· 1900 .((((((((((((((((STUDIO HOTTER THEN THE SUN)))))))))))))))))) (Financial District) [Craigslist]


WHAT: Studio; FiDi
HOW MUCH: $2,000/month (no fee)
KNOWN: The building boasts a 24-hour doorman, valet, fitness center, rooftop deck, laundry, wired lounge. As for the apartment, we have hardwood floors, large windows, granite/stainless kitchen, a marble bathroom, and "ample" closet space. Heat/AC.
UNKNOWN: Pretty thorough details here.
REALITY CHECK: Called broker. Answer: transferred to "business partner," who confirmed that it was a "nice loft." Wouldn't disclose address because people "try to beat me by going straight to the building." Asked to call us back in 2.
REALITY INDEX: Let's do 80-85% here, if not 90.


WHAT: "Large studio" and/or "True one bedroom"; Midtown, 34th and Broadway.
HOW MUCH: $1950/month (no fee)
KNOWN: Parquet Floors, updated bathroom; separate kitchen with dishwasher. Close to all subways !!! Building has 24-hour doorman, concierge, laundry, et cetera. Extra-bonus known: Address.
UNKNOWN: More building information, svp.
REALITY CHECK: Called. Answer: It's a 350 square-foot studio with walk-in and utility closets. Asked if we wanted to see it; offered to call us back.
REALITY INDEX: Real photos give us hope. Another solid -- 85-90%
· $1950 STUDIO *** NO FEE *** 24 Hour Doorman *** GYM LAUNDRY *** WALK IN CLST (Midtown)
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