Regina Spektor to Go for the Cheap Seats


New York songwriter Regina Spektor has been steadily growing in popularity since her breakthrough single "Fidelity," and now she seems ready to really go for the cheap seats, as it were.

Spektor recently posted a note to her Facebook  that her new album What We Saw From The Cheap Seats is finished and will be out by May.

"It's been finished for a little while but i had no idea when it would be out in the world until now," she writes. "We're trying to get everything ready for it to come out in May, but i will share some stuff before then for sure!!!"

Spektor wrote that she worked on the album with producer Mike Elizondo, who helmed part of her last album (2009's far) and has also worked with Mastodon, Fiona Apple and 50 Cent. She also has reportedly been working on music for a Broadway show inspired by "Sleeping Beauty."

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