Recession-Proof Halloween? We Don't Get It…

Gilt Man raised a successful Halloween sale over the weekend that included an $880 mask and several costume items for hundreds of dollars, and the Daily News reported that, indeed, people are spending more money on Halloween this year.  Seems spooky...

Perhaps, the whole point of Halloween is to pretend, for a night, to be something else.  And since the rest of the time we're pretty much prohibited from buying $880 masks, Halloween marks the free pass to indulge.  No, that can't be it.  Maybe the top tier of the socio-economic range of Manhattan has gone crazy and sighed a collective "what the hey?" before throwing the rest of their dwindling fortunes on ridiculously opulent costumes.  That's probably a more feasible explanation.

Less astoundingly, Robert Pinzon, manager at the Abacadabra Superstore, shed some light on other costume-buying patterns.  "So far, we're holding steady and, as always, we're getting a huge boom of last-minute shoppers.  We have definitely been renting our lower priced costumes, and even though they're still buying, people seem to be cutting down on their splurges." Not to mention, Pinzon kindly squeezed in a few seconds to talk to us amidst a bustling rush in the middle of a Tuesday, so like he said, they're buying - just differently.  OK, that makes sense.

The Thread jumped on the DIY costume bandwagon in celebration of the new Michael's on the Upper West Side.  If you're a do-it-yourself geek like we are, then you undoubtedly rejoiced as well upon the craft emporium's long-awaited Manhattan opening.  I imagine Miss Laurel will find everything she needs there for her Twitter costume. 

Yes, that's right: our fashion editor will don a blue jumpsuit and a life-size stream of tweets to be Twitter for Halloween.  

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