Wednesday PM Clickage

· Designers of indie label Vena Cava want a business advisor [Style File]
· Why is Fairway's cafe so depressing? [Lost City]
· Quick: all the haves hide their wealth from the have-nots [Observer]
· Ricky's having a sale for the entire month of November [Phat Guru]

· Roland Mouret designing a menswear line [Fashionista]
· Oprah's new online store full of tacky, O-covered merchandise [Jezebel]
· Brace: it's the second coming of the bowtie [Kempt]
· Rachel Maddow may appear in an upcoming issue of Vogue [Jezebel]
· More designers sketch their ideal Michelle Obama inauguration gown [Off the Rack]For more stories from Racked, go to

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