Puma Follows In Prada's Wake With Sailing Team

Since 2000, Prada has squired around a little sail boat to both win races and advertise the brand at high-profile yachting events. Now not only has the Luna Rossa won the Louis Vuitton cup, but it has inspired Puma to enter the game in a very real way with their own challenger boat named Il Mostro.

Christened by Selma Hayek back in May, Il Mostro is already kicking ass and taking names by having just started out on an around-the-world race. They'll be easy to spot too, as they've even gone so far with the paint job as to make it resemble a Puma shoe, complete with faux elastic straps and stitching along the hull.

Since Puma has invested quite a hefty sum into their new play toy, why not go ahead and do a whole collection based around the ocean racing division? Virtually reading our thoughts, we noticed yesterday that the window of Puma's Soho store sports an homage to the boat and a preview of their special Sailing products.

More than just deck shoes (although they have those, for $85), you too can slip into "Offshore Race Pants" for $495 and "Performance Bermudas" for $120. In fact, the whole collection is reminiscent of Ferrari gear; it's bright red with black and yellow accents and marketed mainly to the wealthy who would attend the festivities of a yacht race. Still, we'll keep an eye on the Puma Sea Sweat Jacket for the next time we drop anchor in Monaco.
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