Project Runway User's Guide: It's Makeover Time

[Image via Bravo]

Last night on Project Runway, it was time for the makeover challenge as judged by designer Cynthia Rowley. The task: to give recent college grads a "head-to-toe" makeover to help them transition to the working world. And the twist: the designers are working under the watchful eye of the girls' mothers. Our recap:

Biggest surprise: Boring old Joe's first job was at Gucci. Oh, but in the sock room. Opening boxes. Okay, we get it now.

Worst attempted catchprase: Suede takes over for Blayne, with an exclamation of "Bonus!" paired with a thumbs up.

Feud of the week: No one's really feuding in this (boring) episode, but there is a moment of contention between Leanne and her mother-daughter team.

Most annoying contestant: Kenley! She, along with Jerell, just won't stop picking on Joe and his boring pinstripe skirt suit. Understandable, but he's such an easy target. Poor Joe, so clueless. And then she laughs in front of the judging panel when Michael Kors makes fun of his look. Something (perhaps it's next week's preview) tells us that we're not the only ones sick of her attitude.

Best smackdown: Suede on his really ugly purple printed dress and brown jacket combo, "She...wanted something that could go day to evening." Cynthia Rowley: "I'd say just change your clothes before you go out." Gulp.

This week's loser: Joe. But couldn't we just send Suede home too? Their designs were equally terrible.

This week's winner: For the second week in a row, Jerell wins with a slim black pencil skirt, a brown silk top and an oversize cardigan ensemble that really flattered his client. It did seem a little similar to his last winning look, though.

Designers who were robbed: No one. Kenley's look was cute, but seriously, try something new or different next time. We all know you can do a fifties-style printed dress.

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