Prince Wears Sparkly Socks with Sandals

Who says the golden age of travel is gone? We're happy to report that the man whose past accessories include raspberry berets, little red corvettes, and fanny-bearing yellow pants, will still do it up on a cross-country flight. 

Spotted in first class on a Minneapolis-LaGuardia flight (which, as an aside, could you imagine living in Minneapolis and seeing Prince at the airport?!), the artist-formerly-known-as-symbol-and-now-back-to-Prince cozied up with an Elle magazine in a pair of flip-flops and sparkly socks, accessorized even further with a diamond-encrusted walking stick. Let's repeat that combo: Flip-flops, sparkly socks, diamond-encrusted walking stick. Some people have all the luck with good airplane seatmates.

So, kudos to Prince, staging his own tribute to a bygone era of PanAm stewardesses in Pucci. Though we must say, we're not sure if this makes us want to buy Elle more or less. Eh, probably more.

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