NY Fave Makes Playboy's List of Hottest … Sandwiches

Nothing beats a tasty sandwich.

In a country that prides itself on perfecting the delicious delicacy, consumers can get overwhelmed by the slew of options they have. Which is why the people at Playboy have narrowed it down to just 10.

With the exception of burgers, there were no limitations. Anything that could be found between two pieces of bread was legitimate. Out of fairness, our treasured Katz's Deli could not get a bye for this one -- which raises the question of whether the judges just wanted a free taste, because come on, what are we judging here?

So, starting from the south, working our way up and ending across the coast, these are the best sandwiches in the country, according to the fine folks who know a good picture of a naked lady when they see one:

New Yorkers set the bar extremely high when it comes to food. Which is why they can always rely on the pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Deli for a fulfilling fix. Basically nothing will ever compare to this slow-cooked, gently smoked, tender beef bit sandwich spread along two pieces of rye bread. It is, hands down, the best sandwich on earth.

New Orleans is the hub of jazz music, mixed drinks, partying 'til sunrise, and finally, great food. Which is why it is no surprise that the Shrimp Po’ Boy at Guy’s Po Boys is on the list. Nothing can beat the taste of those little fried sea creatures squeezed between two pieces of French bread.

Next comes the Cuban at Hugo’s Spanish Restaurant in Tampa, Florida. The assortment of meat packed into this sandwich is a true representation of the population it was created to feed: Spanish, Cuban, and Italian immigrants from the early to mid 1990s. With an array of different tastes in one bite, this sandwich gives deeper meaning to the term melting pot.

Needless to say, this list would not be complete without the Philly Cheesteak, whose best version could be found at Pat’s King of Steaks. Similarly, the Sloppy Joe at Town Hall Deli located in South Orange, N.J., has also marked its rightful place on the list.

In true competitive fashion, Massachusetts is on the list as well. The lobster roll at Straight Wharf Fish Store takes the hot dog bun to another level by stuffing delicious mayo and celery mixed lobster salad inside. “Just the way Jesus intended,” Christopher Tennant, author of The Official Filthy Rich Handbook, told Playboy.

Commonly known for their hot dogs and deep-dish pizza, Chicago impressively houses the best Italian beef sandwich at Al’s Italian Beef. Next door, the St. Paul egg foo yung stuffed-with-love treat resides at Wong’s Inn in Maplewood, Missouri.

What do a hooker and a housewife share in common? The Banh Mi at Saigon Sandwich in San Francisco. People of all types come for a taste of this cheap yet exotic, spicy tender roasted pork combo.

Finally, the sandwich tour comes to an end with the mixed meat French Dip at Phillipe’s in Los Angeles. Manager and partner Julie Tauscher says to ask for it “double dipped with our house-made spicy mustard” for an extra added kick.

Some sandwiches are just too irresistible to live without. Which is why places like Katz's Deli will ship you your favorite stuff on ice, wherever you may be.

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