Look at This F***ing Hipster

Going out in purple skinny jeans, knit cap and giant earphones? Be warned

One of the things that makes New York City such a magical place to live is the parade of daring dressers showing off their style mojo to the masses -- you don't see a lot of people with the cojones to twirl down the street in a leopard-print opera coat (like the one we saw on a fiftysomething lady in Tribeca last week) in Peoria.

There is, however, a line between fabulous individualism and the strange but unmistakable modern hipster oeuvre -- and let's face it, at some point we've all had the same thought: What in the name of PBR is that hipster wearing?

Luckily, someone decided to capture these precious moments in blog form so we don't have to. Head over to Look at This F***ing Hipster, settle in, and enjoy the photos of hipsters caught in the act (and the unflinching, deeply colorful commentary accompanying each victim's photo).

The bloggers want your submissions, by the way, so you might want to keep that cameraphone in hand next time you're riding the L.

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