Phoenix Rocks the Apollo

French alternative rock band Phoenix plays an intimate show at The Apollo Theater

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Michel Dussack
French alternative rock band Phoenix plays an intimate show at The Apollo Theater. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Deck d'Arcy switched between bass and keyboards, sometimes playing both on the same song. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Phoenix's singer Thomas Mars was full of energy, and frequently called for the audience to get more into the performance. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Laurent "Branco" Brancowitz played both guitar and keyboards, depending on what the particular song required. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Phoenix opened their set strong, playing newest single "Entertainment" to open the show, before segueing into fan favorite "Lasso." Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
During the third song of the night, "Lisztomania," Thomas jumped into the crowd and made his way about halfway back the orchestra. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Most of the material from the sixteen song set came from the band's latest album "Bankrupt!" as well as their previous "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix." Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
The last of the core members of the band is Christian Mazzalai on guitar. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
This show marked the second intimate show that Phoenix have played in New York to promote "Bankrupt!", especially given that they're booked to play Barclays Center in the fall. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
During the show, the band chopped up and combined songs, including a song called "Sunskrupt!", which is a live combination of their songs "Love Like a Sunset" and "Bankrupt!" Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Phoenix closed out their set with another big hit in the form of "1901", however it wasn't long before they were back for their encore. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Phoenix opened their encore with a stripped down version of "Countdown" which was made even more special by the intimacy of the show. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
From there, the band ramped things back up for "Don't" and "Rome" before capping the night off with a reprise of "Entertainment." Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Phoenix have proved that they're capable of headlining arenas and festivals alike, yet for 1500 lucky fans, they've also proved they're still able to draw close to their fans and play an intimate show. Photos by Michel Dussack
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