Paper Anniversary: the Magazine Turns 25

Paper Magazine will celebrate its 25th birthday with a party at the library, five different covers featuring a different quarter-century buzz girl, a limited edition LeSportsac tote and a 4% increase in ad sales. Born during a recession and going strong in another one, the rag skewing towards the avant-garde has undergone a top-to-toe redesign, including new logo, an welcomes new advertisers Chanel, Nicole Miller, Intermix, CW Television, Morgans Hotel Group, Liz Claiborne and Showtime.  The 25-year-olds gracing their own respective covers (dropping Monday) comprise a Paper-appropriate set of intelligent young women dominating the present moment of fashion, culture and chatter in the city: Mamie Gummer, Zoe Kazan, Lydia Hearst, Jessica White and Alexa Chung.  

A party in cahoots with HP (apparently the inkjet is also 25? Rad.) will go down September 8 at the library, and LeSportsac's goody bag will retail in stores for $58.

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